WC3: Extreme Masters: SaSe vs. Giacomo


(Will) We have reached playday 2 now and it starts with an Undead vs. Night Elf battle between players Giacomo and SaSe.

WC3: Extreme Masters: SaSe vs. Giacomo


Recently lost vs Firestrike but willing to make up for it. This 18 year old Night Elf player has made quite a name for himself in a short time, as he made a great deal in bringing Mousesports into the offline WC3L finals. He’s here to show what Sweden can do in WC3 and as he needs these points I’m sure he will give it his all.


One of the better undead players in the scene and strong vs. Night Elf players. The 23 year old Czech joined mouz in May and along with SaSe made a serious breakthrough for mouz in the WC3L. Now he is up against his clanmate who is an amazing NE though, is he going to cut it for a 2-0 in playday 2?

The game starts at 6:30pm CET with English commentary of Zolex

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