WC3 Extreme Masters: ToD vs. DIDI8


(Will) Its the last playday, its getting tense. This might be 4K^ToDs final chance to be able to participate in the next round and he will have to give his everything to beat down WE.JuSt.DIDI8 in this one.

WC3 Extreme Masters: ToD vs. DIDI8

This ESL Extreme Masters has been full of surprises and now we face the end of it. The biggest surprise has come to a showdown between 3-0-0 DIDI8, having a flawless victory in his group and ToD, the usual uber player who’s now struggling with a 1-0-2.

Only three people from a group have the chance of advancing to the next round, ToD is currently not one of them, he needs to beat DIDI8 2-0 and even then it will depend on Grubby’s battle against ElakeDuck. Not only ToD’s spot could depend on Grubby though, if DIDI8 loses and Elakeduck wins, DIDI will have to fight between the 2nds and 3rds of every group to get a spot. Being first in the group has its advantages after all, a ticket on to the next stage of the Extreme Masters without needing to play any qualify games.

Safe to say ToD will give it his all in this match and DIDI8 will want to get that sure ticket into the next stage.
Will ToD get back in there and beat down an unbeated player to get further into the tournament?

All will be revealed at 7pm CET today with host Will ‘Zolex’ De Gryse and guest Jaclyn ‘Jaczie’ Lo

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