WC3 Extreme Masters: ToD vs Protois


(Will) Today looks like a serious spanking session. Its no lie that ToDs achievements are far greater than those of Protois. Will Protois surprise us today?

WC3 Extreme Masters: ToD vs Protois

We’re advancing a little further into the Extreme Masters now, today another one of Europe’s favourites 4K^ToD will play another match, this time vs German EPS player mTw.Protois. In this EPS, Protois is usually one of the better Undead players, he has to face a top player now though and the odds are not in his favour.
ToD has proven himself worldwide many times and has a good chance on ending in the Extreme Masters finals. A very tough opponent for Protois in any case.

Watch this WC3 match at 7pm CET today with Zolex giving you the English commentary!

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