WC3 King of the Hill - ToD vs. HoT


(Will) After a glorious WC3L day yesterday we have another upcoming topmatch. King 4K^ToD is fighting challenger SK|HoT in the KoTH today.

WC3 King of the Hill - ToD vs. HoT

No doubt ToD is the favourite of the game, being one of the best human players around and being in the WC3L finalist team Four Kings with no loss whatsoever. He is the current WC3L King of The Hill and has to face the following player…

HoT has improved quite a bit lately but is up for a tough fight against ToD. He’s the Night Elf player who wants to make the difference in the KoTH today.

Promises to be an exciting game nonetheless. It will commence at 8pm CET(GMT+1) and commented on by Zolex on English audio.

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