WC3: Masters: Giacomo vs. fire_de & SaSe vs. Deadman


(Will) A Blizzard tournament with the best Europe players has only just finished and already we can present you with 2 new games of equal caliber. Watch GIGA 2 today, as the Extreme Masters steps into Playday three.

WC3: Masters: Giacomo vs. fire_de & SaSe vs. Deadman
Mouz.SaSe vs. SK.Deadman

This looks like a Night Elf mirror match, unless Deadman plays Orc, which he can almost as good. SaSe lost his first match vs. Firestrike and won his second vs. Giacomo. He’s shown us what he can do in the last B.Net Europe final and is now up against one of SK’s top players. Deadman has also one loss on his record though, losing vs. Fire_de in the first playday, he is concidered one of the best random players in the world and can adapt his race according to the matchup and map choice. If he will be able to beat down the strong Night Elf SaSe will be another question and answered tonight at GIGA 2.

Mouz.Giacomo vs. SK.Fire_de

Ever since his outstanding performance as of late, especially in the previous B.Net Europe Final, Fire_de has become a German favourite next to people such as Miou and Spell. He is a human player and has been able to beat down a lot of the international top players in the past, including Deadman in the Extreme Masters playday 1. Now he is up against one of Europe’s finest Undead players, Giacomo. This game could go either way and I’m looking forward to seeying the outcome of this one!

Watch these games today at 8pm CET with English audio commentary of Zolex


We are also showing the game between Firestrike and Nightwolf!

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