WC3 Showmatch: Davin vs. Abver


(Will) With most games of the last German EPS playday happening Wednesday, weve got some time to arrange a showmatch for you. Therefore we have invited Davin to fight Abver today!

WC3 Showmatch: Davin vs. Abver

In tradition of a good monday we just gotta have some Warcraft III! For this we invited one we have seen a lot at GIGA 2 already and one we haven’t seen much before!


We’ve seen this Orc player show his skills quite a few times on GIGA 2 already. He always manages to put up a tough fight even if he loses. He can be found in leagues such as the WC3L, the German EPS and the ENC. We’ve seen him a few times doing co-commentation with Take for GIGA 2 before and he was more than willing to test his skills vs. Abver!


This guy is an undead force to be reckoned with. He’s won vs. some of Europe’s mightiest before and has a lot of potential. Bested only by undead players such as Giacomo, he wants to prove his worth vs. Davin today.

Showmatch for your eyes only, starting 7pm CET with English commentary of Zolex

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