WC3: Triple EPS action


(Will) German EPS day on Wednesday! We present you with three hours Warcraft today, and all games from the EPS. Games that are very important for each individual player as the EPS finals draw near.

WC3: Triple EPS action

The EPS is slowly drawing to its end. We have only two more playdays to go and now the decisive battles are played for a lot of players. Today no less than three EPS playday 14 games will be shown on GIGA 2

The games are as followed, chronologically ordered according to play time:

Protois vs Insolence

Important game for Undead player Protois as he still has a shot on the finals but he has to win. If he loses he is most definitely out. A lot of pressure on Protois as he need to beat Insolence. This latter player has shown a lot of weaknesses in the past and could reach rank 13 only. Let’s see if Insolence trained sufficiently to kick Protois off his chance for the finals.

Lash vs. Fire_de

Human mirror for this game. Lash has to watch out to not lose and get lower in the ranking, ending up with having to qualify to re-enter the EPS. He is rank 11 now and is up against someone must higher up the ladder. Fire_de is now rank 2 and seems to go the finals as the chances are very slim he can get kicked out now. I’m sure he will want to improve his score even more and will pose to be a dangerous foe for Lash.

*UPDATE: We will have a replay of Miou vs. Crafty instead of this match. This match can be seen on GIGA 1*

Davin vs. Corugnoll

It’s all or nothing for Davin today. He needs to win all his games good to have a chance for the offline finals. Corugnoll is rank 14, there is not much to win for him anymore but he will still try to show his worth vs Davin. Last matchup for today will hereby be a Orc vs. Human game!

Watch these games on GIGA 2 this evening, starting 8pm CET with audio commentary of Zolex.

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