WC3L Shoutcast: wNv vs. KoW3


(Will) Next up on GIGA.Listen: the first test of the two newcomers wNv and KoW3. This match will decide who might be the better new face and how these guys can play under pressure.

WC3L Shoutcast: wNv vs. KoW3

New guys in the WC3L, the veterans keep a close eye on them and so do we, as these players could be the next best thing or just go down with a lot of others who tried. This battle is no test if they can match up to the vets though, this is a test of who the best newcomer is of the following teams:

Wisdom Nerve Victory

This team scored a spot in the WC3L via the loser bracket, having lost against team Praetoria but then beating TeK-9 and current WC3L participant WE.eu. They have a very strong line-up consisting of old faces such as Check, FoV and Xiaot. A strong team for sure, they will be a tough challenge for vets and definitely for their opponents in this first playday.

Kings of Warcraft 3

The second team taking on the honourable title of Kings, if they really are the kings they want to put themselves out for will be proven this season. These “mercs” as many call them waltzed through the qualification phase, also beating WE.eu. Their first contestant is not a pushover but with players such as FiveStar, SouthSea and Winners they will grant a tough fight.

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Stream: www.giga.de/2/listen
Shoutcaster: Zolex
Date: Sunday 11th February
Time: 1pm CET

Weitere Themen: Warcraft 3 League, WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos Demo, Activision Blizzard

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