Weekend of WC3 madness


(Will) One awesome WC3 weekend lies ahead of us. The Battle.net Ladder Season 4 – Regional Qualifier Europe will be played and we will cover this in full-length, with yours truly in English!

Weekend of WC3 madness

Another chance for all Warcraft III eSports fans to see all the top European players fight it out with each other. Only six of twenty of these players can advance to the finals in January so it promises to be quite a tough fight to the finish.

All these games will be played in Sweden, Stockholm. The internet cafe Inferno Online will host the entire tournament and GIGA 2 will be present with two German commentators. The show will also be covered in English however, live from the Studio.

As for the tournament, every match will be played BO3. The Group matches will be played on Saturday and the first of every group will advance to the 8 player single elimination bracket. Quarterfinals, Semifinals and finals will happen on Sunday. The map pool for the entire tournament will be: Echo Isles, Gnoll Wood, Lost Temple (ROC version), Terenas Stand, Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows, Secret Valley.

The six best players will get a free trip to the finals where 6 other Asian players have already qualified for and 4 American players will also participate in. The prize distribution after this will be:

1st – $10,000
2nd – $3,000
3rd – $2,000
4th – $1,000

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun watching these awesome players compete for a spot in the finals. The broadcast will be from 12:00pm CET until 12:00am CET on Saturday and from 10:00am CET until 3:30pm CET on Sunday. Fully covered in English by Zolex.

I would say take a closer look at the players participating on the next page and enjoy our WC3 weekend!

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