GIGA 2 now in English! Startshot - Extreme Masters


(Will) The day has come, the day that GIGA 2 goes English! Our technicians have proved their worth and we can now provide most live coverages in English as well. What better to start with than … The Extreme Masters?!

GIGA 2 now in English! Startshot - Extreme Masters

The high-esteemed Extreme Masters* is lifting off 27th, making the coming IFNG* the very FIRST International IFNG. With this event our first English live audio cast will commence. TV feed will be live from Hamburg but the voices of Uli “FlyingDJ” and Will “Zolex” shall be coming from our very own studio in Cologne. We will try to cover all games in English and deliver a great English audio cast with it.

So what about after the IFNG? What can we expect of the English audio?
Of course it will not end with this, the beta phase will start then as well. We will cover most live games in English and will continue on improving the English part of GIGA 2 as well. Any thoughts, query me on irc or something!

Next page –> A rough view of what will definitely be additionally in English:

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