The ESL goes Asia, GIGA cooperates


(Will) Things are looking up for the ESL as theyre now setting their footsteps onto the Chinese eSports world. Together with PGL they will work on making eSports bigger in both Europe and Asia, also making a cooperation possible between GIGA TV, PGL and PPLive.

The ESL goes Asia, GIGA cooperates

This new cooperation is a great step forward for all companies involved and eSports in a whole, as it brings Europe closer to Asia. With this a league using the ESL system will be available in China, consisting of Amateur Series (EAS) to grant people the chance on playing their way into the upper leagues.

As ESL establishes itself in Asia, so will GIGA, as they will now be able to broadcast Chinese topgames via their cooperation with PPLive. PPLive is one of the biggest online TV stations, holding the record of online viewers strong at 14 million eSports fans.

People in China will be able to watch the games of the Extreme Masters and German Pro Series and with this get to know all the Europe and German stars.

All-in-all we can expect eSports to grow bigger even faster this year on a worldscale, nothing but good news!

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