Blizzard & Intel WarCraft Weekend with GIGA 2


(Uli/Chris) The upcoming weekend is one of the finest fans of WarCraft III and World Of WarCraft are going to see this year. Live from Hamburg, Germany, viewers will be able to witness three days of action packed programming.

Blizzard & Intel WarCraft Weekend with GIGA 2

WC3L Season XI Finals

The next season of the WC3L comes to an end. mousesports is being replaced by SK Gaming this time while the other teams have already been at the eason 10 finals. Meet Your Makers, World Elite or 4Kings – who’s the strongest at the moment, or are we even going to see an outsider win the tournament?

European Season 5 Finals

The Four Kings are dominating the European qualifier for the Season 5 Finals, there’s an absolute lack of Human players but the other races are well balanced. $ 1000 are waiting for the lucky one who gets the first place, and the first three will be going to the finals.


World Of WarCraft European Arena Finals

Eight teams are trying to get to the Arena Finals, which will be taking place at Blizzcon. Who’s the strongest in the first major WoW arena tournament?

#1 Feel the Pain
#2 Millenium
#3 Art of War
#4 Log
#5 Knockout
#6 Nashwan
#7 Warders of the Melee
#8 Deathwing

For a detailed schedule, watch the page – almost everything will be broadcast in English on our English stream, feel free to tune in!

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