Neue Q4MAX Version veröffentlicht


(mike) Letzte Woche erschien der neue Quake 4 Beta Patch 1.4. Nun folgt auch eine neue Version des beliebten Competition-Mods Q4MAX.

Neue Q4MAX Version veröffentlicht

Quake 4 Maximizer ist eine “professionelle” Version von Quake 4 und wird bei nahezu alle Wettbewerben, wie beispielsweise der ESWC, eingesetzt. Nach dem id Software eine Menge Änderungen mit dem neuen Beta Patch 1.4 eingeführt hat, zieht das Q4MAX-Entwicklerteam nach und veröffentlicht Version 0.78. Diese unterstützt nun auch das neue Q4TV mit multiplen Ansichten.

* add: Q4 1.4 compatibility – this version of Q4Max does not run on Q4 1.3.
* add: Q4TV Chat. Clients can disable it with cg_notvchat . Q4TV Servers can disable it with g_notvchat .
* add: “multipov” command is now supported for Q4TV.
* add: cg_predictMG cg_predictSG cg_predictRG) . When enabled, your own mg/sg/rg effects will be predicted as you fire, instead of waiting for the info to come back from the server. This makes for extra responsiveness at the cost of accuracy.
* add: cg_poweruplights, cg_muzzleflashlights toggle different kinds of dynamic lights. (not available with forceambient).
* add: Thinner lg graphic with cg_thinshaft 2, spiral only railtrail with cg_railstyle 2.
* add: cg_deadbody 2 darkens dead players.
* add: Speed meter (hud_showspeed). Move it around with hud_speedposition (x y, default 550 70)
* add: Alternative multipov view styles with hud_multipovstyle (0-4, 1 default, 0 for .77 style)
* add: Current player highlighted on the hud in duel/ffa.
* add: Slight viewmodel recoil on NG/HB/RL.
* add: viewSizeUp / viewSizeDown commands resize the main view. Can also be set explicitly via r_viewSizePercent.
* chg: Network traffic optimizations.
* chg: Bobbing-related cvars now default to 0.
* chg: cg_teamchatonly works outside of teamgames.
* chg: The cubemap pass on textures/terminal/floor_mp and frozen player materials only shows up when “High quality special effects” are enabled. (found in system/advanced settings, or r_skipnewambient)
* chg: Removed com_warnings. Use developer 1 if you need to see warnings from now on, thanks to the 1.4 update.
* chg: cycling spectators no longer takes you to freefloat after cycling through all players.
* chg: XML Stats output updated, and XSL template significantly updated. Note that this is part 1 of an ongoing improvement to the MAXStats package.
* chg: display si_fps in the serverinfo gui section.
* chg: Light Detail Level properly archived and applied when joining games through r_archivedLightDetailLevel. This effectively replaces r_lightDetailLevel.
* fix: (Partial) Actual shooting and shooting animations/sounds were going out of sync when holding _attack over the course of a weapon switch.
* fix: Simpleitems disappeared in front of some surfaces.
* fix: Endgame statistics showed a “score” of 100 (their handicap) for everyone.
* fix: Cycling through players as a spectator dropped back to freefloat after a complete cycle.
* fix: Missing rocket launcher viewmodel animation.
* fix: Items disappearing when dropped / respawned in multipov mode, if g_simpleitems was set to 1.
* fix: Items make no respawn sound if g_simpleitems 1.
* fix: Players seeing weapon fire-fx (muzzleflash etc) on players firing if they are out of ammo.
* fix: Added the airdefense_big_gun vehicle as a static item, to correct one of the entries in the 1.4 CMP.
* fix: ui_name now set correctly when edited in the main menu.
* fix: ammo indicator glows on some weapons updated.
* fix: Create server gui now correct sets the dedicated / lanserver settings based on the gui controls.
* fix: #i previously did not report dropped items
* fix: (RB) Weapon world models had SP mods when carried by players.
Wichtig: Diese rund 16 MB große Version ist ausschließlich mit dem Beta Patch 1.4 kompatibel. Sobald der offizielle Patch erscheint, soll auch Q4MAX 0.79 folgen.

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