WC3L Quali: WE.eu vs. Kow3


(Will) The WC3L season XI Qualification round has advanced to its ending stages, as the Winner Bracket almost decided its finalist. Today we feature WE.eu vs. Kow3 in an exploding battle to the semi-finals.

WC3L Quali: WE.eu vs. Kow3

The following war is between a rather unknown clan vs. a newly founded one with a well-known name. Whoever wins advances to the semis and is even closer to that much desired WC3L season XI spot.


The newest part of regular finals qualifier World Elite. These guys are all European and a few well-known names can be found in here such as DIDI8 and DieSeL. They have a good chance on obtaining a spot for this season, as they’ve already beat previous WC3L participant Verge.


A rather unknown team but one familiar name pops up such as the Korean SouthSea, which was part of NiP. They are a pretty good team which won vs Cube, ID and IeS to get where they are now. They’re up against a tough opponent now though and I’m curious how they will do!

Watch the show tonight at 3pm CET with audio commentary from Zolex

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