Es gibt neue Details zu Dishonored 2. Dabei geht es um die Grafik, eine bessere KI und einen höheren Schwierigkeitsgrad. Mehr erfahrt ihr hier!


Dishonored 2: Das Vermächtnis der Maske

Dishonored 2: Das Vermächtnis der Maske

dishonored 2
In reddit ist eine Liste zu den Features von Dishonored 2 aufgetaucht, welche aus dem Bethesda-Forum stammt. Es wird einen höheren Schwierigkeitsgrad geben, um die Spieler vor größere Herausforderungen zu stellen. Zudem wird die KI und die Grafik verbessert. Detaillierte Informationen könnt ihr der folgenden Zusammenfassung entnehmen:

  • Arkane says it's preserving the systems that allow for experimentation with the special abilities.“When we put an element in the game, we don't put it in the game and attach it to something,“ Smith says.“We make it general purpose work so you can attach it anywhere. The worst thing in the world would be if Blink had attach points. That would be the dumbest idea because it means you can only go if we want you to go. Of course it's better for the level designers, the producers, and the tech guys that think it's safer . For us, we say it is a power and it has a range. It's a squashed sphere, and you can shoot at a spot or empty air or a mantle climb icon or jump in midair and do it and the point is it's recombinant because it's general purpose.“
  • What you saw in the announce trailer you can do in the game. The mission in the trailer is called the Clockwork Mansion. Objective :You must kill the grand inventor of Serkonos or find another way to eliminate him in his moving house.
  • MORE DIFFICULTY: Arkane is scaling the game to offer more of a challenge to these players.
  • Arkane says there is one new game mode (I bet it's New Game Plus) that it plans to share details on at a later date.
  • Arkane has enhanced the A.I. in a couple of ways. First off, guard search patterns have been revamped. In the first game they would follow bread crumbs but there were opportunities to trick them. Now they search for real. Several A.I. characters will get together and split up the territory to canvas the entire space. They will not recheck a spot another soldier has already investigated. The A.I also have increased situational awareness. For instance, if two grunts realize they are with an officer who has a ranged weapon, they understand that he should hang back and they should move forward.
  • Dishonored 2 has a modified high/low chaos system that offers more granular, direct consequences.
  • Emily is capable of crafting bone charms, and there are more than 400,000 combinations (wow!!!) in the game.
  • Corvo retains familiar powers like Devouring Swarm, Bend Time, Possession, and Blink.
  • Dishonored 2 has powers, but from there it offers a bunch of skill trees that allow you to upgrade inasymmetrical ways. For instance, you could upgrade Far Reach to yank guys to you and assassinate them mid-air, grab objects with it, or pull objects.
  • All powers have extensions like Daud's Blink that let you use powers in different ways
  • Arkane believes this new approach to upgrades offers a lot of replayability. You could go really deep with three specific powers in one playthrough, then switch it up for another.
  • Arkane says its technology base has dramatically improved. „You know how last time we had really strong art direction and okay technology? Now we have really strong art direction and really strong rendering tech,“ Smith says.

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