Sony Tablet S: Android 4.0.3 r5 ist da

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Das etwas betagtere Sony Tablet S (nicht zu verwechseln mit dem Sony Xperia Tablet S) hat ein weiteres Update bekommen. 

Sony Tablet S: Android 4.0.3 r5 ist da

Vielen Dank an Lars Laubig für den Tipp. Es handelt sich hierbei wie beim letzten Update wieder um Android 4.0.3. Dieses Mal mit folgenden Änderungen:

New Features

  • Adds Guest Mode
  • Adds new media player applications (WALKMAN, Album and Movies)
  • Adds new Small Apps (Timer and Voice Recorder) and supports widgets
  • Adds Xperia Link application
  • Adds macro functionality to Remote Control App and skin change
  • Adds news widgets including Topics
  • Adds Socialife (Updates Social Feed Reader Cloud to Socialife if you have already installed Social Feed Reader Cloud)
  • Adds the following input languages
  • Japanese (Hand-writing), Korean, Arabic , Thai , Greek
  • Supports for Watch Now application (Application needs to be downloaded from Google Play)
  • Supports the SDK (Software Development Kit) for IR Remote control and Small apps


New Looks

  • New icon design for applications developed by Sony
  • The following apps are renamed
  • PersonalSpace -> PlayMemories Online
  • Social Feed Reader Cloud -> Socialife
  • Select App -> Sony Select
  • Background color of application tray is changed from white to black


Features removed

  • Removes Favorite application
  • Removes DLNA application (You will still be able to access DLNA enabled devices within WALKMAN, Album and Movies)
  • Removes Throw feature within Gallery application (You can throw photo/video using Album application)
  • Removes current Video Player and Music Player’s apps/widgets placed on Home screen (To be replaced by Movies and Walkman)

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