Android Illustrations: Berlin based Designer paints Andy-Artworks

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Everybody loves Andy. Berlin based Designer Marie Schweiz shows, that the adorable mascot can also have an artistic value. She draws and paints the little android in unusual situations, using her very own style. We asked her some questions and present some of Marie’s artworks.

Android Illustrations: Berlin based Designer paints Andy-Artworks

This Article in German /Artikel auf Deutsch. Hello Marie, we really like your artworks. Your behance gallery page tells us, that these pictures were made with watercolors. How exactly did you create them?

Marie Schweiz: First, I’ve made sketches with a pencil and then painted them over with watercolors very carefully. The colors I use are quite expensive – my color palette is worth about 200 Euro – so I use them very tenderly.

andy-piraten-an-bord What is the motive for your artworks? Is it a remittance work, are you an Android fangirl or is it just a fun project?

Marie Schweiz
Marie Schweiz: All of it – I own an Android smartphone and I design Android Apps. I was fed up with the redundant work on the web and wanted to work with my hands again for a change. It also can’t hurt for an artist to build up a reputation. Right now I’m looking for Android-related jobs and the Droids cover the back of my business cards.

I met my buddy and recent business partner Tobias thanks to the Andy-paintings. Together we’re working on the Android photo app Roidizer. When working as a web designer all the time you have to regenerate at some point. I had some time and my hands, and here we are now. These illustrations are the exact opposite of my usually very clear and structured work.

andy-er-wars Where do you get the inspiration for your motifs?

Marie Schweiz: They are all inspired from real life situations. The Lego Droid for example originated from a situation, where my neighbor and his son had planned a night of playing computer games but left the game console untouched and played with Lego the whole time instead.

andy smoking
darth-andy Are your artworks for sale?

Marie Schweiz: No, even though I already got a lot of offers. I just can’t assess their value. Sometimes I paint one and give it as a gift to a friend or acquaintance.

andy krank That’s a pity. But is there reason to hope that you are continuing to artistically deal with Andy in the future?

Marie Schweiz: Yes, I will definitely continue to create Andy paintings. Marie, thank you very much for your artworks and your time.

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Flickr: The Complete Andy-Picture Gallery by Marie Schweiz

(c) All pictures in this article: Marie Schweiz (Behance | Twitter | Flickr)

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