xGPS: Freies Navi morgen in Version 1.2.5

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xGPS: Freies Navi morgen in Version 1.2.5


Morgen soll xGPS und dessen xGPS Manager auf Version 1.2.5 upgedatet werden.

Changelog für xGPS App v1.2.5:

  • Make the voice louder
  • Landscape locked
  • Put GPS Signal indicator in the status bar
  • Home options
  • Text „Clear Results“ in French
  • Add Google Maps link in GPS mailing coordinates
  • Addressbook not closing
  • Pause Ipod
  • Recalculation
  • Japanese Driving Directions
  • WrongnWay
  • Voice instructions left and right not correct.
  • Dot Relocation
  • Miles for voice instructions
  • Adjust abreviations
  • Multilanguage instructions

Changelog für xGPS Manager v1.2.5:

  • Add check case for the zoom downloading
  • Map Manager and Network Resources
  • Search box
  • Cancel Button

Danke Timo!

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